Imagine sitting around a warm fire place, in the middle of winter. You've got grandkids running around you playing, while you're sipping on a warm cup of tea. You look over, and your partner is smiling aimlessly looking out the window. You fall in love all over again. 
You grab your wedding album off the coffee table, and start going through its beautiful pages. Page by page reliving one of the most beautiful, special and intimate days of your life and watching the story unfold in your own hands. Emotion overwhelms you and you call your partner over to relive these moments with you. 

Your fingers run over the images, and you remember every moment, like it was yesterday. You reminisce on the story behind the images, and how you felt; and the love you still share between you. You call over your Grandchildren, to share with them your special album. And now your passing on the moments to them, as if they were there. 

We all love sharing our images of day to day life, as well as our special moments on social media, and everyone loves a good Instagram post but some things are far too special to keep on a USB or hard drive forever. Nothing beats sharing these moments with each other and others and being able to physically hold them is something else. 

Each album is intricately and meticulously designed by me and all are as unique as the story in them. It is so exciting seeing the stories I tell through my camera coming to life, and it is so rewarding to be able to hold them in my own two hands. 

My albums come standard at 10"x10" or 12"x12" square. They come with different cover colour options as well as embossed text on the cover.  Every album is printed on museum quality, fine art paper with archival inks. Which means the album will last for generations and generations without fading or discolouring. The seamless binding ensures that there are no messy or distracting lines down the middle of your albums, allowing you to have full page spreads. Aside from all that, they do look and feel ridiculously good! 


Fine Art Album Cover- Alana Taylor
Fine Art Album - Bottom
Album Lay Flat
Fine art album - Embossing Copper
Fine art wedding album
Fine Art Wedding Album - Spine
Fine Art Album - Lay flat spread
Lay Flat Fine art Album
Fine Art Album - Bind
Fine Art Album - Paper
Fine Art Wedding Album - Lay Flat
Fine art wedding Album
Fine Art Wedding Album -Tara & Luke - Jamberoo
Fine Art Wedding Album - Full Page Spread
Wedding Album -Dance Floor Page