Lost in a Daze

What a perfect weekend away, or should i say, four days of pure bliss. A lot has been happening at home lately, with most left better untold, and it was about time that Braddy and I both got a way for a little relaxing holiday. We traveled to the far corners of the earth...(or should I say, to Mudgee NSW) or what felt like forever away, to visit an old school friend of Bradley's. We stayed at their beautiful ranch like home and had a ball whilst there. It was so peaceful in Mudgee, no worries, no drama, no nothing. Pure bliss. 
We stayed their for four days as  I said and the four days were jam-packed full of activities and places to be. 

We arrived on the Friday and just spent the day at the house getting use to our new surroundings. That night we ventured out into town to have some dinner and then came home and had an early one. 
The Saturday we ventured out to visit the popular "Field Days" Festival that was currently going on in the town. No, we weren't dancing around to music with bare minimum clothes on, wrong festival. Field Days is a farming festival, where people sell farming equipment, tractors, clothes, animals...etc. I actually had such a good time and remember to take some snaps too.  

My trusty Rocks. Possibly the greatest addition to my wardrobe.
I'm such a sucker for animals, and i've never seen a baby Emu before. I know right, so damn cute! 
Baby Lambs... Sleepy Baby Lambs.. Need I say more?
Possibly the greatest nuts i've ever had. Served to you still warm, after you watch them make them.. Delicious!
Braddy and I had such a great time in Mudgee, and after the amazing weekend we had with wine tastings in the afternoon on Saturday, aswell as the races on Sunday and a perfect evening eating at the local pub and movies at home, it was so hard for us to say goodbye to the beautiful place and our beautiful friends. But you've got to do, what you've got to do, and on Monday morning we packed up our things and set off home. The trip felt like forever and we were lucky we were able to make a couple of pit stops to quickly grab some sought of fuel for us both. Redbull and coffee, thank you for being there on our long trip home! 

Tall Mocha, on skim with an extra shot and two splenda please!
My handsome Braddy, who did all the driving! 
Mudgee being cold was a plus! Got to bust out the floral scarves, this one was definitely my favourite!
My view for over 4.5 hours!
Boy and Bear constantly playing was a must, oh and 91.9fm went alright. 
Melancholy feelings as we left Mudgee
Home, with a quick pit stop for the toilet

Anywho, sorry this post wasn't very good, i'm sought of struggling with a bit of the bloggers version of writers block. It's really annoying me, because I keep second guessing everything I write....
Thanks again y'all for reading, please leave me some feedback, i'd love to hear from anyone who actually reads this! 

Lana xx