Through the lens

Well, if I haven't said it before, I haven't said it enough... I LOVE MY JOB. As if working for yourself doesn't have enough perks, doing what you love and are passionate about is just another big plus in my book. A very long week of editing, retouching, organising and sorting through thousands and thousands of photos does get a bit repetitive and strenuous on my four eyes, but to see the results at the end of the long and late hours that I have put in, really make the heavy bags under my eyes worth it. I had a 1st birthday party, a wedding and some other miscellaneous photos to finish up and sort through and might I say, it took a very long time due to my laptop currently acting as though it's from a prehistoric time. Thus leading me to consider the purchase of a new laptop. Mac or Windows is my main question for you guys? I love windows and i've only ever had windows before, but I have so many Mac products(iPad, iPhone, iTouch, iPod) that seem to be so practical and virus free, that it has really made me consider welcoming a beautiful Mac Laptop into my little Apple family. If you have any advice on what I should get comment below!

Another thing that is new this week is I finally caved and got an Instagram account for my photography(@alanataylorphotography), CHECK IT OUT! Anywho, here are a couple of photos from my busy week!