Oh the places you'll go, and the people you'll meet

So I was thinking about this the other day, whilst doodling away in my notepad, and I thought about all the interesting and genuine people I meet throughout my travels and whilst on location for photo shoots. I seem to meet so many of them that I'm going to start documenting my experiences. Today, I was on location at "The Farm"(a surf spot) in the Killalea State Park shooting the adorable couple that is Julie & Josh(photos will be up soon). 
I usually get the odd hello from the surfers I know from being a "grom" back in the day and today i got to meet Joseph from The Oj Bar. Who willingly let me take a photo of him for my blog! He sells everything from fresh orange juice, to muffins, etc. He even has twitter, to let the local surfers know how the surf is and what the swell is like! What a top bloke! He's there nearly everyday, so next time your on the south coast in that direction head down and say G'Day, & tell him I sent you!! 

Joseph from The OJ Bar

Love Lana xx