Take a look at what you do, and try a little something new, independance is your friend.

The sky dripped with honey, and turned shades of cotton candy as  I stood watching it all happened before my eyes. I just couldn't pass up the chance to shoot. With little time before the sky was blanketed with stars, I took it as a challenge to do something I don't normally do, and shoot some self-portraits. 
This moment in time, i felt whole, i felt together, i felt no fear. I've been so frustrated and upset lately with this industry and the cat-tiness of it all and the people in it. I feel a little overwhelmed at time and feel i'm constantly being put down by other photographers, models, etc. It is such a horrible feeling, and I shouldn't have to feel like this. I love what I do, i'm still so young and am learning everyday, i don't see the point in trying to keep putting me down, when all I do is encourage and compliment all my peers. We all enjoy doing the same thing, we all love what we do, why not encourage each other instead of putting me down? All I want to do is to make my vivid dreams into reality through my photography, and thats all. 
I honestly don't understand what i've done wrong, nor do I understand the psychology of how peoples brains work. All I really know is that my love for photography is far more stronger then anyone's opinions or callous remarks about what I do. In the end, if you don't like what I do, or if you don't like my photos, then keep it to yourself. I'm doing what I love for the right reasons, and I'm not using and putting people down on the way. 

So heres this set of self portraits... Inspired by Joe Mongovans song, Cotton Wool.

"Take a look at what you do, and try a little something new, independence is your friend. Write the rules all by yourself, & don't be needing no one else or lists of rules or regulations."