In the garden...

In the garden..

In the garden, all things come out,

not for long, with out a doubt,

constant breezes, flowers and blooms,

with pretty laces, your bound to swoon.

Little creatures, on your skin,

little flowers on the trim,

playful and placid, the sun will kiss,

its days like this, that she will miss.

Laying down, and watching clouds,

vast empty meadows, to think aloud,

butterflies, and birds, put on a show,

watching gorgeous flowers grow.

The trees dance, with help from the breeze,

the creek trickles, and its days like these, the garden, she will miss...

-Alana Taylor 

Model Morgan Serafini

HMUA Kat Quinn Makeup Artist

Dresses I found Lucy

Headpieces Melanie Doncas

Assistant Lucinda Starr 

L x