Morning Sun | Model Portfolio

We spent the morning sipping on coffees, doing hair and makeup and wandering around the streets of my home town of Jamberoo, finding some of the most beautiful light to shoot in. In between shots we chatted about life, and where all the years had gone since Caitlin and I first met. Caitlin was actually the first model I ever worked with when I started out on my photography journey all those years ago and every now and again when we are both in town we meet up and shoot. I feel like every time we do, I come full circle with where I am at with my photography, my business and my life. I'm forever grateful for the friends i've made on my journey, that is for sure! 

Model: Caitlin Del Solar

Hair & Styling: Alana Taylor
MUA:  Tiffany Vassilakoglou
Photography: Alana Taylor Photography

Enjoy x