"The light, it made her curious. The way it manipulated things, the way it move and changed, the way it looked in the afternoon, dancing through her hair. It was her obsession. She fell for it like a first love. Completely head over heels." - Alana Taylor

Alana Taylor


My name is Alana(that's me over there with confetti in my hair) and I am crazy about telling people's stories. 
I've been in love with documenting and photography for the most part of my life and for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a story teller. 
I'm fun, bubbly and super enthusiastic. I am a wife to my handsome husband, Bradley, and a Mum to my fur baby, Red. I love a good laugh and I love making people laugh.  I am a huge lover of coffee, animals, music, and a good adventure. 
The role I take when documenting anything is that of a quiet, yet hilariously funny observer. I will document your day or your family exactly how it unfolds. I will be there capturing the pure joy and emotion and I really thrive on the stories that are behind the images. 
I always feel so privileged to be asked to document any part of someone's life. From the request to share a couples special day with them, or to document the day to day life of a family or to capture the love that they share with their soul mate. It is so humbling knowing that people enjoy my art as much as i enjoy making it. 
So if you connect with my work and would love for me to document your day or family, please get in touch. I would LOVE to hear from you and hopefully we can chat over a coffee, or four! 

Read more about my approach here.