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What I love documenting:
- My handsome husband and our gorgeous little boy Hughie
- Our travels
- Intimate weddings
- Families in their homes
- Surprise weddings
- DIY & Backyard weddings
- Adventure Sessions


Hey, my name’s Alana and I am a photographer based on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.
For the most part of my life, I’ve had a fascination with photography, and documenting the mundane tasks and events of every day life. Armed with my 35mm point and shoot film camera, I spent my young years photographing everything and anything I could.

Not much has changed since then, although, I no longer have a killer front fringe that my mum would cut in our kitchen with household scissors, but have a handsome husband, Braddy, and a beautiful little Boy, Hughie. My passion and love for photography has only grown, and my fixation on photographing people has flourished.

I am a down to earth, latte loving, adventure seeking girl, who loves to make people laugh. I’m like that old friend you haven’t seen for years, who can strike up a conversation over anything.

The role I take when documenting anything is that of a quiet, yet hilariously funny observer. I will document your day or your family exactly how it unfolds. I will be there capturing the pure joy and emotion and I really thrive on the stories that are behind the images. 

I always feel so privileged to be asked to document any part of someone's life. From the request to share a couples special day with them, or to document the day to day life of a family or to capture the love that they share with their soul mate. It is so humbling knowing that people enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it. 
So if you connect with my work and would love for me to document your day or family, please get in touch. I would LOVE to hear from you and hopefully we can chat over a coffee, or four! 

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