New Zealand Road Trip | South Island Adventure Day 3 & 4


We woke early to the sound of what we thought was rain on the roof of our camper van. I peered out the window to be baffled by the site of SNOW! YEP! My dreams of snow falling on us while we were in NZ were answered! It was the perfect start to our day. We ate our breaky, shot some photos of the gorgeous snow capped land and then headed for MIlford Sound. The trip to Milford was beautiful, mountains surrounding us, white powder covering everything and anything that graced the mountains with its presence. Milford sound itself was beautiful. Serene & pristine. Once we finished exploring, we made the incredibly long trip back to Queenstown via Te Anu, where we stopped in for a coffee or two and then hit the road again. We spent the night in Queenstown where the funniest/scariest thing happened to us at the camp site late in the evening. We were both dozing off when all of a sudden our van door slid open. Brad being the ninja he is jumped up and yelled "who's there?!", dead quite, then we heard this mouse like voice, with a twang of an english accent say, "Sorry, i must of got the wrong van". It is now, one of the funniest stories that we have to tell. Haha! 


Day four consisted of Wanaka and venturing to the Blue Pools on Hass Pass! 
The blue pools have been on my bucket list for quite some time, and a picture of the pools was actually the background for my holiday countdown clock. It was so surreal seeing it in person, its just as amazing as the photos.