Nicola & Dee | Sydney Mint Wedding

This Sydney Mint Wedding was my first at the venue and I am so glad that I got to experience it in the drizzly weather that Sydney turned on for us. Driving to Sydney the morning of Dee & Nicola's wedding, i sipped on a warm cappuccino, while my window wipers were working in over drive. The weather was cold, cooler then usual, and  the earth was wet from all the rain that had fallen in probably one of the wettest Sydney Summer's we have had in a long time. The traffic was backed up and the city was alive with pedestrians and an array of colourful umbrellas. 

The wedding itself was magical. A day filled with two incredibly beautiful, different and fun loving families joining together, merging cultures, hilariously witty speeches (Yes Nicola, I am talking about you) and a whole lot of dancing! 

Nicola and her gorgeous bridesmaids wore some of the most amazing dresses i've ever seen. Nicola wore a beautiful Self Portrait dress and her girls were dressed in the rad label that is Dyspnea! Which, by the way, Nicola changed into a white version later on, to get down and boogie! Dee wore one of THE most beautiful jackets I have ever seen, by the awesome guys over at Peter Jackson. 

So here is to Nicola & Dee, and their incredibly awesome wedding day!