The Boathouse | Gibbston Valley, New Zealand

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The Boathouse

gibbston valley

A few weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of flying over to my favourite place in the world, Queenstown, New Zealand, to document two of my beautiful friends tie the knot amongst the mountains and beautiful landscapes. A few days before Tegan and Robbie wed, I went and scouted the beautiful property in which Tegan would be getting ready at and where the pair would first lay eyes on each other on their wedding day, in their first look. I wanted to make sure I knew the place back to front, to help tell the story of their adventure perfectly.  

So here is the beautiful Boathouse. A gorgeous cottage nestled in amongst the mountains and wineries of Gibbston Valley. A hidden little gem, in which you wouldn't know existed if you weren't looking for it. A little escape from reality, like something out of a book you'd sit by the fire reading. 

The perfect place.